Our Secondary Department currently consists of 2 classes:

Rosemary – Key Stage 3

Cinnamon – Key Stage 4

All of our classes have access to QTVI teachers at all times. Staff to pupil ratio is high with a minimum of a teacher, teaching assistant and apprentice in each room. Where required 1:1 staff can be provided. All cover is completed by our in-house HLTA team providing consistency and familiar staff for pupils at all times.

The Secondary Curriculum continues with the National Curriculum across Key Stage 3, with the objectives being linked to themed programmes. These are carefully planned and individualised for each pupil in the class and delivered in a multi-sensory approach allowing pupils to utilise their functional vision and other senses to explore and enquire about the resources provided.

A Careers Programme is introduced during Year 9 to support the pupils transition towards adulthood and begins to consider the next step in their educational journey. ‘Independent advice and guidance’ support begins here, with our external careers advisor coming in to school to meet with pupils and parents.

When pupils move into Key Stage 4, their timetable changes to include certified courses which suit each individuals level and needs. There are optional units for pupils to choose from providing choice and personalisation where possible.

Some of these currently include:

ASDAN Awards

AQA Units

Pearson Entry Level Personal Progress

Entry Level English, Maths, Science and ICT

Where appropriate staff are trained to deliver GCSE options also.