Our Primary Department currently consists of 5 classes:

All of our classes have access to QTVI teachers at all times. Staff to pupil ratio is high with a minimum of a teacher, teaching assistant and apprentice in each room. Where required 1:1 staff can be provided. All cover is completed by our in-house HLTA team providing consistency and familiar staff for pupils at all times.

The Sensory Garden at the Royal School for the Blind

The Primary Curriculum is organised to run the National Curriculum through a range of specially planned themed programmes which take into account the individual VI and other needs of the children. A multi-sensory approach is used across the department, allowing children to utilise their functional vision and other senses to explore and enquire about the resources provided. Where appropriate access to pre-braille/ MOON would be introduced during each individual’s timetable.

All the classroom bases have been designed to further support and enhance the curriculum with VI specific resources and assistive technologies to engage the children in exciting and stimulating experiences. All children have access to the subject specific classrooms for Food Technology, PE, swimming and sensory sessions.

Wherever possible we provide a range of outside experiences for pupils, whether this be within the planned curriculum sessions or for breaks and walks. Offsite educational trips occur within the curriculum timetable to further support and enhance the learning experience.