Teddy’s Nursery (EYFS)

Teddy’s Nursery is inclusive, catering for children from 2-5 years. We specialise in a spectrum of sensory impairments including Visual and Profound and Multiple Disabilities.

At RSB (Teddy’s) we recognise that no two students are alike. Our Early Years Department is committed to developing positive learning environments for each individual child according to their needs and abilities. We maintain a high staff-to-student ratio, with some children in one-on-one environments and others in small groups, depending on children’s optimal learning environments. Our ‘core values, purpose’ and ‘envisioned future’ is a collaboration and partnership between staff, parents, multi agencies, the children’s council, governors and trustees.

We have our own specialised team of staff offering extra support to our children and we enable the universal offer, including Speech and Language, Physiotherapy, Mobility and Orientation services. Our aim is to ensure that our children meet their full potential and overcome their barriers to learning.