Pupil’s Stories

Ethan joined the school on 4th October 2017 following a huge team effort from school and local authority workers. His parents came to look around following numerous visits to other schools and respite facilities. This resulted in a part-time residential and educational placement being agreed at RSB. Ethan’s transition began, coming over for tea with his designated one to one from school, giving a constant and familiar face as he began to get to know the residential team at Bradbury House. Prior to this, the residential staff spent time in class with Ethan getting to know him, his likes and dislikes and observe regular behaviours. Through exploration sessions and familiarization visits looking at the facilities and his personalized room, Ethan became settled and started to socialize with his peers outside of school hours. He now attends swimming and football weekly sessions which he thoroughly enjoys and his listening and observational skills are developing well. He is starting to follow instructions and direction from staff at these times. Through a whole team approach from residential and educational staff, Ethan’s behaviour is well managed with him accepting boundaries and consequences through a consistent and caring approach.


On joining Teddy’s nursery in May 2016, Sonny was a withdrawn, anxious and very self-conscious child. He struggled with separation anxiety which was carefully managed on a long term transition into Cinnamon Nursery. This included him having a personalised programme allowing him to wear ear defenders, wellies and a weighted backpack as part of a sensory integration strategy. Over time, Sonny became more settled and this reduced the dependency on these items, whilst increasing his hours from an initial one hour per day to full days by the time he was ready to start reception. Sonny is now well settled in Peach Class, where he is described as a happy and sociable little boy with friends.


In Autumn Term 2013, a non-verbal 3-year-old Ruby started at RSB. This followed a home move by family to attend the school. This placement was so important to the family due to the individual and personalised package that could be offered to meet Ruby’s serious medical and therapeutic needs. Ruby’s personalised timetable includes physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, SALT, mobility, music therapy and rebound, alongside her educational package delivered daily by a QTVI. Ruby also attends respite at RSB. The only reason she is able to access all of these support measures is due to the onsite medical nursing team, available throughout school hours. This medical intervention is crucial to her well-being and development, allowing her to be as independent as possible within a safe and nurturing environment. Ruby is now a chatty and confident 8year old, who interacts freely with anyone she meets.


Following a referral from an unsuitable placement, Alfie joined RSB in Spring 2016. Alfie is a full-time boarder at Bradbury House where he is settled and has his own personalised room full of his own things. Alfie, who has no access to vision and ASD quickly adapted to his new school. This is due to a fully inclusive environment, specifically designed for visually impaired pupils. Alfie’s ‘clutter free’ classroom includes touchscreen technology, sensory cues around the room, VI specific resources and access to Braille/Moon. Alfie uses objects of reference and established mobility routes to negotiate independently around the site. He uses landmarks and objects of reference which have allowed him to create mental maps of his immediate environment. Alfie is encouraged by all staff to use his long-cane as much as possible in the indoor and outdoor areas. All staff are fully trained by the mobility officer to help support him at all times. Alfie’s self-injuring behaviours have reduced over time with the consistent support and care of the highly specialised staff team. This has had a positive impact at home also.


Following a 12-year placement at RSB, Beth is now ready for the next step in her educational journey. Through a wide range of multi-sensory and therapeutic interventions, Beth has been able to access a broad and balanced curriculum completing certificates in ASDAN and AQA units. Beth requires a high level of personal care throughout the day, including an individualised postural care plan, feeding timetable, nursing intervention and highly differentiated education programme all taking into consideration her complex needs and visual impairment. Beth is a few months away from starting a new social care placement in a new setting and has begun her transition by visiting and having staff visit her in her class. This will continue throughout the summer term to support her smooth transition from RSB.