Speech & Language Therapy

The speech therapy department works very closely with teaching staff, parents/ guardians, physio therapists and occupational therapists to create unique, individualised communication programs that aim to extend each and every child’s level of comprehension, interaction and communication.

Our approach is very ‘child centred’ we aim to encourage children to develop their own desire to communicate, with their environment. Each child is given a detailed assessment from which clear objectives are formulated. It is then our job to construct, interactive, communicative activities that enable children to have fun and see the value and pleasure one gets when engaging with the world and the people around them.

Therapy programs can include :
·Switches and communication aides
·Intensive interaction
·On body signing
·Music therapy
·Rebound therapy
·Articulation programs
·Language programs
·Social communication programs
·Specialist communication software programs
·Sensory stories

Objectives, programs and activities are reviewed on a monthly or term basis, each child receives both a written and visual report every 12 months.

Reports are submitted to the child’s annual review. Parents are welcome to attend their child therapy session by making an appointment with therapists.