Residential Life

Children and young people at the school can stay on the residential units four nights a week. We also offer individual respite nights from 1-2 or 3 nights.

The “family units” have been designed and refurbished to provide bright homely and practical accommodation for children with a visual impairment who also have additional needs or disabilities.

The children are encouraged to personalise their own individual bedrooms with pictures, posters, toys and favourite bed covers and curtains. All of the children have music systems so that they can listen to the radio, CDs or stories at bedtime or during the evening if they just want to chill out in their rooms. Pretty much a home from home environment. We also have up to date technology with our computers and internet access.

At the end of the school day there is a wide range of social activities that the children can get involved in and have fun according to their ages and preferences. We have regular sessions at LFC respect for all football training, bikes for the disabled, a disco at Envi night club in Liverpool City centre, swimming at the local swimming baths, regular visits to the theatre, the circus, even eating out in various restaurants, cafes or one of the children’s favourites, McDonalds!!

The children are cared for by very experienced caring residential support/waking night staff. They have all been at the school for a number of years and know the children extremely well. All are qualified NNEB, NVQ level 3-4 or both! Residential provision is regularly inspected by ofsted and the latest report can be read here.

Parents can telephone their child in the evenings or speak to staff if they wish to do so.

The department is managed by our Head of Residential Care Linda Hogan who has been at the school for over 17 years and deputy Head of Care Amanda Boyle who has been here for over eight years.

It’s been a busy half term in our residential department. There has been a lot to celebrate and we have been busy preparing for all the celebrations.

We’ve had birthdays to celebrate. Declan and Alfie have celebrated special birthdays.
We were lucky enough to have a party and disco in the gym.
A few party games and Karaoke kept everyone amused.

There’s been lots of festivals to celebrate. We made moon and star decorations for Eid-al-Adha.

Finally we made spiders for Halloween!

We also made Tea lights for Divali