Who Are We?

We are a team of Physiotherapists and therapy assistants working at the school and are employed by Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. Working with us we have Marta Collardo Garcia (Highly Specialist Physiotherapist), Lee Evans (Specialist Physiotherapist), Norma McCulloch (Senior Therapy Assistant), Wendy Russell (Senior Therapy Assistant) and Laura Virtue (Senior Physiotherapy Assistant).

What Do We Do?

We specialise in treating children aged 01-19 years who have difficulties due to either an underlying neurological cause or associated with global developmental delay. This may be in the school or home environment.

Our service is dedicated to ensuring parents are involved in their child’s treatment. We encourage parents / guardians to feel free to contact us to discuss any matters arising with their child’s care.

The Team Around the Child

Here at the Royal School for the Blind we understand how important it is to work closely with the team that works around the child. This is especially important as children attend our school from various locations across the UK. We work with a variety of different professionals including parents, local physiotherapists, occupational therapists, medical team, speech and language therapists, wheelchair services, orthotics services, classroom staff, mobility officers and school nurses. We strive to work together to enable the best possible care for the child.

How To Contact Us

We are available at the school daily and are available for contact by telephone or by email between the hours of 8.30am – 4.30pm:

Telephone – 0151 733 1562


For more information on our service please see our website: