Parent Led Support Service

The Royal School for the Blind recognises the importance of supporting the whole family.

We offer a range of ever developing services, information and advice to help families and their children.

We provide play and stay, portage (with Liverpool LEA), Induction and transition, off site learning and nurture groups.

Contact our Parental liaison team:

Alison Quirk – Early Engagement Officer.
tel : 0151 733 1012 ext 139
Mob : 07740 417 884
email :

J Espley : Assistant Head
tel : 0151 733 1012
email :

Parent Led Support Team : Carly Murphy

We aim to support families who have children with SEND with independent advice from parents who understand.

This can include general advice, information for current and potential parents for admissions.

Every child should enjoy equal access to an education irrespective of any SEND and we are here to listen and help as required. If you would like to discuss any issue as a parent, please don’t hesitate to contact me

Carly Murphy. Parental Support Lead
tel : 0151 733 1012
email :

If your child has special educational needs, the Parent Partnership Service can provide information and support to help you make informed decisions, and make sure that your views are represented.

We aim to help empower parents/carers of children with Special Educational Needs and/or a Disability by ensuring¬† they have the information, confidence and support needed to make informed decisions about their child’s education.

Independent Parental Special Education Advice.

IPSEA offers free and independent legally based information, advice and support to help get the right education for children and young people with all kinds of special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities.
Our Information service provides guidance on the law and what it allows you to do
Our Advice Line gives free and independent legally based SEN advice.