Easter Holiday Club

This Easter we launched our first “Holiday Club.” It was an opportunity to provide a few days of fun for our pupils, supported by staff, who know our children and young people so well.  A fantastic timetable of activities was lined up, as you can see.

Day one began by attending to the plants in our sensory garden.  They needed a good watering and we managed to plant a few of our own too.

After a short break it was time to head to the gym.  

Rebound therapy and a range of exercise activities were on offer, such as enjoying using the bikes. As you can see, it wasn’t just our young people who had great fun.  

The day rounded off with a sing song in the science room with Mike playing his guitar.

Day Two

Everyone piled into the minibuses and made their way to Chester zoo.

Some parents came along too! A lovely opportunity to visit some brilliant animals.

Megan was very partial to elephants!

Day Three

In the morning we had the

opportunity to enjoy some more time in the gym. Rebound therapy is so much fun.

In the afternoon though, the weather was so beautiful that it was obvious we had to enjoy the great outdoors. We all headed out to Abbeyholme and enjoyed a picnic.

What a great opportunity for everyone in our very special community to get together, relax and have fun in the relaxed atmosphere of the school holidays.

Congratulations to Linda and everyone involved in planning the holiday club. A special thank you also to all who helped to realise this great enterprise. We are all looking forward to future holiday clubs.