Outstanding Ofsted Report

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On Tuesday the 26th of January our school was inspected by ofsted. We are so proud to announce that the inspection confirmed the judgements identified in our SEF that our school can be judged “Outstanding.” Everyone, without exception,  at “The Royal School for the Blind”, should be rightly proud of this report.  Our pupils are the starting point and inspiration …

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Edward Rushton at the “Everyman”

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Brilliant news ! The play ‘UNSUNG’ about the life of Edward Rushton, founder of our school, is being produced at the Everyman in March. A read through of the play formed a part of the DaDa fest celebrations in November 2014.  If the read through was anything to go by, it’s going to be fantastic.  Check out the Everyman website …

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A Closer Look . . . .

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Our Chicks are big enough and strong enough to leave their ‘nursery.’ During Today’s Monday assembly they came out to meet our pupils. They were scrutinized quite closely as they tweeted to gain the attention of our pupils. As you can see they caused a stir ! How fantastic our last few weeks with the chicks has been. We’ve not …

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NINE Chicks Hatched

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Overnight another 7 of our eggs hatched.  Everyone is so excited.  We can’t wait to handle them.  Some lucky people have handled them as our chicks have made it to their second incubator.  We’re so proud ! Have a look . . . . . . 9 beautiful Chicks ! Open the post to see the video . . . . …

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New Life ! Chick No2 hatches

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Our exclusive ‘Egg Cam’ became our exclusive ‘Chick Cam’ as  egg No2 hatched yesterday.  With encouragement from staff ‘cheeping’ Chick No 2 was born. Enjoy the moment new life was welcomed to our wonderful planet !

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They’re Here !

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The great Chicken Eggstravaganza is here ! They arrived safely at eggsactly 10.30am this morning. Everyone is eggsausted waiting for the big day. With ten eggs in total they’re eggspected to hatch around Wednesday. We’re going to have a cracking time running backwards and forwards to see if they’re hatching. It will keep us all fit . . . . that’s …

Guitar Recital in aid of our School

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A solo guitar recital is being held in aid of our school.  Renowned guitarist Davide Sciacca will perform at St James’ Methodist & United Reformed Church, Church Road South, Woolton, Liverpool L25 7RJ. Orgnaised by Barbara Lloyd It will take place on Tuesday the 19th of January 2016.  Doors open at 7.00pm and the concert starts at 7.30pm. Light refreshments …