A Whole School ‘Vision’ for the Royal School for the Blind

The Royal School for the Blind, Liverpool is a centre of excellence supporting pupils with visual impairment and multiple complex disabilities. We provide places for up to 66 children and young people of mixed gender and ages, ranging from 2 – 19 years of age.

Our ‘core values, purpose’ and ‘envisioned future’ is a collaboration and partnership between staff, parents, multi agencies, the children’s council, governors and trustees.

•To ensure care, dignity and respect for all of our children and young people is upheld at all times

 •To continuously safeguard the welfare of our children and young people in our care

 •To provide a home from home in our residential settings 

•To improve and adapt our environment as the needs of our children and young people require at an outstanding level 

•To maintain our reputation as a Centre of Excellence for children and young people with MDVI through collaboration with parents and carers, multi agencies, LEAs and professionals to fully meet every child’s specific needs 

•To ensure that the safety and happiness of each child is of the greatest importance 

•To provide a safe, happy, nurturing, stimulating and challenging environment to prepare our children and young people for their transition into growing independence and adult life 

•To embrace change and constantly seek to improve our provision in order to maintain our quality of care and education  

•To meet the educational, physical, social, and spiritual needs of children and young people locally/ regionally/ nationally who live with multiple disabilities and visual impairment

 •To provide a safe, child-centred and fun, learning environment appropriate to each individual

 •To ensure good communication, a seamless package of care and a 24 hour curriculum with children and young people, the ‘Team Around the Child’ in school and the residential homes, parents and carers and all partner agencies

 •To provide a multi-agency service for the benefit of our children and young people

 •To ensure an excellent staff to child ratio with all relevant multi-sensory resources

•To identify every child’s needs and encourage all to reach their full potential and develop independence skills for life

 •To encourage children to further explore and understand their world and enable them to communicate their responses

 •To provide outstanding residential care, respite care, after school and holiday care developing children’s independence and social development

 •To welcome parents and professionals into school to liaise with our ‘Team around the Child’ including teachers, residential staff, teaching- assistants, physiotherapists, speech therapist, mobility trainers, music therapist, nurses and other professionals.

•To provide mobility and other specialist support to external service users regionally and nationally

•To extend the school and residential provision to support the changing dynamics and specific needs of children and young people and LEA requirements

•To expand collaborative training, external training access and in-house training teams to ensure continued staff development and to continually meet the needs of children and young people and widening provision development.

•To continue to develop interaction, communication, teamwork, close collaboration with parents, LEAs and external professionals to better serve our children and young people

•To continually develop our building and physical resources to ensure an attractive environment that meets the changing needs of children and young people. To provide a visually stimulating environment including displays, mobility routes and objects of reference around school

•To share our vision and expertise with a wider audience through marketing our website, prospectus, local offer, special events to ensure sustainability and outstanding service provision

•To continually strengthen community links, business and vocational links for the benefit of all

•To always maintain high standards, collaborations and specialisms through self-review and close work between children, staff, multi-agencies, professionals, LEAs , governors, trustees for the benefit of children and young people

•To be aware of any areas of need arising at a local and regional level for children with MDVI and to respond appropriately