Community Links

Opportunities to develop links within the local community provide a wealth of learning experiences.

Not only are these links stimulating and fun but they give our pupils the chance to explore their wider environment, mix with their peers and learn appropriate skills to help them take full advantage of further opportunities outside school.

We are fortunate to be situated in an area which can provide access to a wide variety of facilities both in the immediate vicinity and within easy travelling distance.

Local shops and services including the library and leisure centre are frequently used, as are several of the local parks.

Leaving School

The transition from school to adult life is an important time for both student and family. Before any decisions are made, parents, pupils, school staff and representatives from relevant authorities, meet to discuss the possible opportunities available for post school placement.

Preparation for this change forms an important part of the student’s programme during their last years, and may include work experience and/or links with their next placement. We work together towards making the transition as smooth as possible.

Both Classes and Residential units take regular advantage of the three school minibuses to take them further afield.

Visits to museums, farms and leisure activities are frequently on the agenda, as are a diverse selection of educational visits designed to enhance current class themes.