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Paula Fowles has been kind enough to set up a donation page for a Fish Tank in School . . . . she writes . . .

“I am raising money to help the school fund a fish tank project for the children.

A proportion of the children at the school have some useful vision and the sensory nature of the tank with the noises and the feel of the water will really help all of them.

Not only will the fish tank offer the children visual help it will also help them understand Fish more. A few weeks ago I set up a biorb tank for them and I gave them all the freshwater fish that I had. After seeing how much joy the small tank gave the pupils and teachers I’d like to be able to get them a new bigger tank for them to enjoy.

Not only will this benefit the children of today it will also benefit the future of many more children.”

To support Paula (and our school) why not click on the link below ! A big thank you to Paula and all who have supported her, from everyone in school !
click this linkĀ

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