What to do this Summer . . . .

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Liverpool Empire Theatre

Thursday 11th August/Saturday 13th August

A 60 minute nonstop highly interactive and energetic show, jam packed with singing, dancing, spectacular acrobatics and music, featuring original tracks from the hit TV show. LazyTown Live on Stage features Sportacus, Stephanie, Ziggy, Robbie Rotten and You, the audience!

LazyTown means different things to different people. LazyTown appeals equally to boys and girls. For some kids it’s all about dance and music, while for other kids, it’s about sports and action. But for parents, it’s a tool to raise healthy kids.

Lord Sefton’s Teddy Bear Hunt & Funfair

Date: Sat 23rd Jul 16 — until — Fri 2nd Sep 16
Location: Croxteth Country Park, Off Muirhead Avenue East, Liverpool, L11 1EH

Collins Funfair at Wavertree Botanic Park

Liverpool, Knowsley, St Helens, Sefton and Wirral – Merseyside
Date: Mon 25th Jul 16 — until — Sun 31st Jul 16
Location: Wavertree Botanic Gardens, Liverpool,

Welly walk

Wiggle with the worms as we search the sea edge for jiggly jelly fish and their friends.

Formby Squirrel Reserve, Thurs 11th August 2016, 10 am-12.00

Summer Family Fun

Liverpool, Knowsley, St Helens, Sefton and Wirral – Merseyside
Date: Tue 26th Jul 16 — until — Sun 31st Jul 16
Location: Speke Hall, the Walk, Speke, Liverpool, L24 1XD
Contact details
0151 427 7231

The Smartest Giant in Town

Open-air theatre at Norton Priory

Date: Tue 2nd Aug 16

Location: Norton Priory Walled garden,
Tudor Road,
Manor Park,

Little Red & Grandma

Date: Wed 3rd Aug 16
Location: The Palm House, Sefton Park, Liverpool, Merseyside, L17 1AJ
Other information an interactive musical suitable for ages 7 and under. Little Red loves her Grandma very much, so even when Red gets lost in the forest, nothing can distract her from finding Grandma and delivering her some home baked cakes. Join Little Red on her adventure as she meets some very funny characters on her journey through the forest to Grandma’s house. Learn the forest dance, become a crew of pirates on the forest lake and keep an eye out for the Wolf…maybe he’s not so bad after all. This is the well-loved classic tale with a Bookworm Players twist.

Tickets: £6 per person

Starts 11am and 2pm


Smelly socks game

Use up some old small socks or go to a charity shop. Then scent some cotton wool balls with different smells like tea, coffee, lemon, apple or tomato ketchup. Try a variety of smells, taking care not to use anything to which your child may be allergic. When the cotton balls are dry and all the ingredients are placed in the socks, tie the socks up with a ribbon, and play a game of Guess the smell.

Wrapping paper’s not just for Christmas

If your child is visually impaired children or has a sensory impairment, sparkly Christmas wrapping paper is very good for catching and holding attention. Gold, in particular, or anything with a rainbow/prism effect seems to work well to stimulate those with visual impairment.

Make a den

My daughter loves it if we put a sheet over the dining table and make a den. I bring some of her sensory lights in and we all sit underneath. Her brothers think it’s great too!

Get scribbling

Stick some blank paper on a wall somewhere and turn it into a ‘graffiti wall’. You can also paint a wall with blackboard paint or put up a big white board for graffiti fun.

Home-made jigsaw puzzle

I’ve found a good cheap way to keep my daughter occupied is to get her to choose a picture from a magazine, then I cut it up, and she reassembles the picture, gluing it on to paper. You can use photos as well. You can make it as simple or complicated as you want. I use simple ones to help calm her down and more complicated ones when she needs a new distraction.

Dance competition

Put on the music and have a competition.

Sensory play

We use a plastic box and fill it with different things for sensory play. Sometimes dried beans, sand, shaving foam – we put different smells in like vanilla essence or curry powder to make it more interesting. Sometimes we squeeze toothpaste in which is good fun when you get it all over your hands because it dries quickly.

Word games

We’ve been using words on the back of paper-clipped paper fish with a magnetic fishing rod to make a game out of reading.

Rubbish instruments

Raid the recycling and make some musical instruments. Fill jars and plastic containers with rice to make shakers, elastic bands over a box can make a great guitar and balloons stretched over tubs for some banging’ drums!

Star in your own film

Use your camcorder – or the video on your phone if you have one – to make a film of a favourite book. We did The Tiger Who Came to Tea, using a toy stuffed tiger, shots of our table set up for tea, empty food packets, and a homemade cardboard claw peeking round the front door. You can do lots of voiceovers to explain what is happening, or do it documentary-style and interview the Mummy, the child, the cafe owner, Daddy, the Tiger etc.

Get gooey

Make home-made slime. Get a pack of corn flour, mix it with water so it’s gloopy but not runny and then add green food colouring.

Life-sized cardboard cut-outs

Use either a large piece of card or lining paper (joined together, if necessary). Draw around each other and cut up old clothes and cloths to dress your portraits up.

A real catch

A Velcro ball and catch mitt set has been fantastic for my son, who is unable to catch a regular ball. Great for fun, cause and effect and coordination. Ours was under £5 from eBay

Cinema club

Turn your house into a cinema. Choose a DVD together (bought or borrowed from the local library) make tickets, posters etc. Invite friends if you’ve got the space and then make popcorn, close the curtains and enjoy.

Have a Superb Summer !

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