Our Refurbished ‘Soft Play’ Room

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Some of our Younger pupils from the Nursery have been burning off some energy in our newly refurbished Soft Play room. There is a superb range of equipment, designed to meet the needs of all our pupils. Equipped with an overhead hoist, all the equipment in the room is accessible to all.

As you can see from the photos, our soft play room can be used in many different ways. Some pupils need time to relax in our ball pool (which lights up !) or practice their star jumps on a trampette. Others need a ‘safe’ space where they can move around and explore independently and perhaps pause, for a pose or two !

Our slide is a massive hit with our pupils providing opportunity to experience a little speed. If you looking for a change of environment, or a way of looking at the world from a slightly different angle, then the tunnel or the ‘pod’ can offer you the opportunity.

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