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Some of our pupils have been busy developing their computing skills. Here at RSB we use a range of access technology to enable our pupils to have an impact upon their world. Being able to realise that they can have an impact upon an activity, or participate in cause and effect activities is a massive leap for many of our pupils. The gift of being able to enjoy an activity independently, even for just a minute or so can have a massively rewarding effect.

Recently we’ve been enjoying the use of ‘eye gaze’ technology. As you can see from the pictures and short ‘video’ there’s plenty of fun to be had with ‘eye gaze’ as well as being able to ensure pupils can track moving pictures purposefully and with accuracy. ‘Eye gaze’ not only offers the chance to have fun, but can also be used as a tool to make choices and communicate effectively. We’re discovering that there’s so much can be done using ‘eye gaze.’

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