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Have you ever let go of a Helium balloon and wondered where it would end up ? We have ! As part of our celebrations to mark the 90th Birthday of our Royal Patron, Queen Elizabeth II, each class launched a helium balloon with a special greeting attached. Anyone finding the greeting was encouraged to get in touch with us in the hope we could find out whose balloon travelled farthest.

We received a great surprise today, as Mr James Tisdall emailed our Head of School, Mr Paul Boulton to let us know he had found one of our balloons. It had come to rest in Brocas Hall Farm, Hever, Kent, right in the middle of a field alongside his alpacas and sheep. We’re not sure who was more surprised. Everyone at the Royal School for the Blind was delighted to hear the news and surprised to see how far the balloon had travelled in just over two weeks.

A huge thank you to My Tisdall, for entering into the spirit of our ‘Balloon fest’ by not only contacting us, but sending us a picture of where the balloon landed and the bemused look on the faces of the alpacas.”

I wonder if we’ll hear of any more of our balloons?

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