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“Time toooooooooo say Goodbyeeeeee !”

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It was Mikes final day at RSB and it was time to say goodbye, in the words of Andrea Bocelli ! Mike is our “Music Man” and he’ll be greatly missed. We all gathered in the cookery room to enjoy an afternoon tea of cake and savouries before dragging him off to McGregor hall for his swansong assembly. Everyone gathered to hear our Head of School, Paul, began to outline Mikes career.

He’s been at the school for 8 and a half years and has taken class music sessions, individual music therapy sessions and even tried to teach staff a thing or two about computers.. Mike took up the story of his career by following Denise’s theme of numbers in her farewell speech last week !

Mike reminded us he’s been on the Philharmonic concerts over 48 times and had over 200 pairs of eyes zoom in on him as one of our pupils let out a squeal of joy at the sound of silence ! He loved the Taxi outing to New Brighton and especially enjoying the same ride over 10 times before feeling violently sick ! He’s brought in a number of schools to play for us including St Marys, Faith School, and Shorefields.

Each class brought up cards to thank Mike for his work at the school and we concluded with a celebratory dance to Zorba’s Tune, a particular favourite of Mikes. Luke showed everyone how the dance was done. Congratulations in your new job Mike. You’ll be missed !

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