Outstanding Ofsted Report

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On Tuesday the 26th of January our school was inspected by ofsted. We are so proud to announce that the inspection confirmed the judgements identified in our SEF that our school can be judged “Outstanding.”

Everyone, without exception,  at “The Royal School for the Blind”, should be rightly proud of this report.  Our pupils are the starting point and inspiration for everything we do and this report especially reflects their achievements and highlights the support of parents and friends of the school.  It’s a wonderful endorsement for us in this our 225th year since being founded in 1791.  There are challenges that we are facing and new developments that we are currently bringing to life.  Ofsted acknowledge our achievements here too ! The full report can be read by clicking this link

Paul Boulton

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  1. Yes I’m with Clare! What a lovely report. Congratulations to everyone! I’m so glad I retired at the right time how Jammy am I? Missed it by 3 weeks!! Give yourselves a HUGE pat on the back!!!XXX

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