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Super Hero Day !

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The last day of the half term brought some very special people into school. “Super Hero Day” was a day of extra-curricular enrichment, and a chance to celebrate and dress up as a “Super Hero.”






It was a day to celebrate people we thought were our “Super Heroes.” We had “Super Heroes” from the world of cinema and TV.

We had “Super Heroes” that we especially made up for the day. Some of our pupils dressed up as their “Super Hero” Dad and one of our pupils dressed up to celebrate the surgeon who saved his life – a REAL Super Hero !








We all piled into McGregor Hall to play “Super Hero” games. First we had to collect stray Kryptonite that was lurking around the room and place them in our Kryptonite Desensitising Chambers – empty paint cans to you and I !

Secondly we had to retrieve Kryptonite from within meteors that had landed in the school grounds – pass the parcel by any other name !

Finally we had to use our skill to fire air rockets. The further they went, the more Kryptonite you won for your team.








A huge thanks to our wonderful pupils for a fun morning – our very own “Super Heroes”.  Have a brilliant Half Term and a good rest after all your hard work so far this term.

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  1. What fantastic photographs! Well done to all the wonderful staff at RSB for giving all the pupils a fantastic superhero day yesterday,what fun! Loved the photo of our “Merida” with “Superman” and hope you coped with having 2 head teachers in school with our Harry. Have a well deserved half term break, thank you

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