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Friends of ours, over at St Vincent’s, are undertaking an exciting project which their Principal wishes to share. As the Royal School for the Blind is also a school for the Visually Impaired, we’d like to share it too. Have a read and look at their go fund me page for more info

As a specialist school focussed on visual impairment (VI) St.Vincent’s has established an ‘education and enterprise’ village in challenge to two national statistics 1. 85% of VI pupils struggle to find work and 2. They may have 5-6 less friends and their sighted peers. The village couples a creative curriculum with project based learning, designed to nurture and highlight individual pupil strengths, whilst signposting towards employment and entrepreneurial learning opportunities. In short, the school vision is to generate better outcomes for VI young people. Part of the vision revolves around engagement with ‘social capital’ i.e. a belief supported by the World Bank and the OECD that when networks of neighbourhoods work together, measurable outcomes are seen in increased educational achievement, employment and health. Will you be part of our neighbourhood and support our vision?

Between 3rd and 6th October 2015, St. Vincent’s is bringing several projects together in a commemorative journey to Ypres. In collaboration with Blind Veterans, an intergenerational tour to Ypres will mark the first gas attacks of 1915 from which many of the sight loss charities find their roots. Young VI pupils, blinded war veterans and young people from our learning community including Scouts, Police cadets and Fire cadets will share a unique learning experience. Not only will we explore the Social Moral Spiritual and Cultural lessons attached to the Great War but moreover, working with a number of companies, we will be exploring and researching a range of VI access technologies. It is our intention to use these technologies in making Liverpool the centre of excellence in research, innovation and VI teaching and learning. In collaboration with our University partners and Rotary, we have already started work in generating a ‘sightbox’ containing a number of our innovations for National and International distribution across VI partner schools. The sharing of best practice and employment generation lies at the heart of our vision. Look back at how we have developed this vision and follow us into the future on Twitter @StvincentsL12 At 10.30am on 3rd October at the Dome on the big stairs in Liverpool One, a number of City dignitaries will present wreaths for our party to lay in Ypres. Come and encourage us as we leave on a tour whose roots in the past, have fired a vision for the future.

Dr J Patterson
Principal St. Vincent’s

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