RSB Holiday Club

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It seems a long way back now but RSB holiday club was an outstanding success during the summer holiday. We had a packed few days full of fun activities, with a HUGE emphasis on fun. At RSB we enjoyed Rebound activities, time in the sensory room and making things in the Cookery room.

Megan loved the lights in the sensory room.

However, a visit to Acorn farm was a massive hit. Ruby shared a fantastic musical moment with Anthony even if it did take him a while to be convinced.


Rosie had a smashing time making friends with one of the goats.


Josh preferred the quieter more gentle animals and loved to turn towards the sound of a little chick chirruping !


A huge thanks to all our pupils and also our staff for supporting the summer club at RSB.



A final word from Alexi at Acorn farm. “If you want your children to have the max fun during the summer hols, send them to RSB Summer Club – Simples !”

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